history of women's hair

Hair and History: Why a Woman’s Mane Matters

The hair and beauty industry is worth several million dollars. Over her lifetime, an average woman spends about $50,000 caring for her hair. She will also likely spend two hours a week washing and styling her locks. Furthermore, she will frequent salons for treatments or hair extension, shops such as Anchante Hair, to make sure her […]


Keep Up with the Updates, Keep Up with SEO Sanity

With Google, there’s no such thing as permanence. The search engine giant is infamous for its constant algorithm updates. Google updates its search algorithm up to 600 times annually; in the past two years, it implemented nine major updates. SEO experts and brands alike are no strangers to recent algorithm changes: Penguin 4.0 and Possum. […]

choosing hair extensions

Hair Extensions: What’s Best For Me?

They say that your hair is your ‘crowning glory.’ Luckily, people have more options on how to enhance the appearance of their hair these days. Anchante Hair says the variety of wigs, hair transplants, hair weaves, and clip in hair extensions available in the market presents a myriad of possibilities for everyone. Most women choose […]

communication through website

Your Website a Communication Tool

The website does more than just sell your products or services or a place to showcase your company’s design skills; it also makes an impression on your visitors and is a powerful communication tool. An expert from Red Rider Creative, a website design company in Salt Lake City, cites the different ways a site communicates a […]

construction projects Constructing a High-Performance Building in the US

Optimizing Building Performance for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

New construction projects must be compliant with US building codes and be both energy efficient and sustainable. To ensure that your building is up to code, it is important to enlist the help of an American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) certified High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP). An HBDP will assist in […]


Utah Bankruptcy: What Will Happen to My Joint Property?

If you own a property with someone else, filing for bankruptcy could impact your co-owners. However, the exact impact would depend on who your co-owners are, the state laws, whether you’re filing for a Chapter 13 of Chapter 7, and if the joint property is exempt or not. In general, a majority of your assets might […]

first home

The Must-Know Hacks for First-Time Home Buyers

The challenge of purchasing your first home could seem so overwhelming that you might be tempted to just pick the first property you see that’s within your budget, or worse, just continue renting. But, your greatest challenge is that you’ll most likely be not as financially stable as other more seasoned buyers. Here are some […]

Canadian Properties

More Americans Search for Canadian Properties

Donald Trump’s successful bid for the White House signaled a modern-day exodus: people who oppose the president want to leave the U.S. by relocating to Canada. A report showed that the number of Americans looking for properties in the neighboring country rose 329% on Nov. 9, 2016, a day after a majority of voters elected […]

digital marketing strategy

Boost Your Digital Marketing through Personal Relations

The year 2017 brings along with it a new set of challenges for businesses. The rules of marketing, media and corporate reputation continue to change as the year changes. If you are not ready, you might get left behind. According to a report, you can stay ahead of product disruption if you integrate your company’s marketing […]

Conversion Rates

The Secret to Mobile Analytics: Increasing App Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates may seem like a straightforward task: all it takes is a little bit of persuasion to get a customer to follow through to make a purchase, right? While a fine line does exist between users and customers, Singtel Media, a trusted marketing solutions agency, believes that an effective mobile advertising campaign lies […]