Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Colors When Designing Your Marketing Materials

Marketing StrategyIn marketing, colors serve a purpose other than being a simple design element. Whether you are planning to create a website or design a print ad, keep in mind that your choice of colors can have an impact on your target audience.

What Colors to Use

Colors can help determine or influence a customer’s purchasing decision. According to a professional graphic design expert in Utah, those who tend to buy on impulse, for example, tend to respond heavily to colors red, orange, and black. This is probably because these colors are usually associated with strong emotions, excitement, passion, danger, and mystery. On the other hand, people who are more conservative with their spending tend to be drawn towards the color blue, which we commonly associate with trust, reliability, coolness, and security.

The colors green and yellow are also major players in color marketing. Green is commonly associated with nature, or at times, wealth and prosperity. On the other hand, yellow is often used in concepts associated with fun, relaxation, wellness, and comfort.

How to Incorporate the Right Colors

Regardless of the service or product you are selling, remember to design your marketing materials using the colors that you feel would appeal to your target customers and help compel them to take you on your offer. There is a bit of psychology at play here, so you have to master not only the effects of the individual colors, but also how to choose the right combinations.

Whether it’s digital or print, your marketing tools should have the colors that are attractive, or at least appropriate, to your prospects. To help boost your strategy’s success, you might want to test your ads and colors on a small segment of your market before going forward with a full-scale campaign. Then make the necessary adjustments, depending on the results.

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