What to Check When Building or Setting up a Shed for Your Home

Home Builder in BusseltonA wood shed in Berkshire, England — dubbed as the West Wing — that’s created from 90% recycled materials was announced last May as the winner of the 2016 Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year. The annual U.K. competition showcases the spectacular sheds of Brits.

When you look at the sheds in the competition, you may wonder how these homeowners can spend so much time, effort, and money to transform what could have been simple sheds into outrageous spaces. Here in Australia, you may want only a shed that’s good enough to serve its purpose. Before you can make or get a shed, however, you have to consider a few things:

Purpose of the Shed

For one, you should decide what you need the shed for. Is it to store a boat, a caravan, a vehicle, or perhaps bulky equipment? Maybe you need a shed to serve as a workspace or hobby space? Perhaps you simply want a shed where you can keep your garden tools. There are a lot of possibilities.

Approval for the Shed

Once you know the shed you need, you can start thinking about the council regulations on shed building. Large sheds and sheds used as permanent or occasional homes will need council approval. When it comes to garden and storage sheds, council approval is not necessary if you fulfil the minimum requirements. You can ask your shed builder as they will know about these requirements.

Builder of the Shed

Lastly, you can think about who will build the shed. You can do it yourself with a kit or you can have a shed-builder to do it for you. When hiring a shed builder, always check for samples of their work to check on the quality. The same goes if you’re building a backyard shed in your South West home.

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You may not need a shed as spectacular as those in the Shed of the Year competition, but you may certainly want a shed that you need. You can easily get one after the previous preparatory procedures.