Web Design Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Web Design Trends in CanberraAs everyone welcomes 2017, web designers the world over couldn’t help but wonder the cool trends that would dominate the next 12 months. The previous year gave birth to a variety of impressive work, setting the tone for the modern definition of web design in the future.

As you stay ahead on the curve, draw inspiration from these emerging techniques to improve your site’s design:

Attention-Grabbing Content

Content-centricity has been the focus of web design in Canberra, Los Angeles, London and other major markets around the world. This doesn’t mean crowding the online real estate with plenty of text, but rather allotting a generous amount of space to highlight the website’s statement.

Without necessarily using a visually heavy font, a short yet straight-to-the-point copy would get the attention it deserves all by its lonesome. By keeping your homepage free from distractions, you can keep your visitors affixed to your powerful statement and send your message across successfully.

Vivid Colours

Despite the popularity of stripped-down aesthetic amongst stunning websites these days, a splash of colour seems to be the answer to introduce personality. Injecting a pop of bold hues or a touch of bright gradients would lend more interest to your design. The trend also came to the fore in logo design. The evolution of the Instagram icon is an excellent case in point.

Quirky Layouts

As with the previous years, more and more designers are making conscious efforts to move out of the ordinary site layout. Forward-looking pros experiment on artistic methods, adding complexity to the otherwise dull, boxy designs. Despite such movements, expressive and intricate layouts are still based on time-honoured graphic designs to avoid the risk of jarring outcomes.

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Abundant SVGs

Scalable vector graphics would take over 2017. Their advantages over traditional formats, such as PNG and JPG, can’t be ignored, and savvy designers took notice. Considering the challenge of making your site look great on any screen on any device, using SVGs for animations is the new normal.

Embrace the latest web design techniques to spruce up your site. As web designers are not equal, hire adaptive ones to add a wow factor to your website and keep your visitors engaged.