Web Design 101: Golden Rules for a Golden eCommerce Site

Web Design Experts in UtahEverything from the strategic placement of your call-to-action buttons to the images of your products could influence a site visitor's buying decision. Here are some web design rules to ensure that your eCommerce site attracts potential customers and keep them coming back for more:

Exceptional Product Images is Vital

Remarkable and clean product images are important to attract potential buyers. Aside from driving sales, they promote social sharing and improve your brand’s social proof. Once you have a selection of professionally photographed images, consider featuring your best-selling products using sliders or interactive image galleries.

Think Organized and Clean

Think of looking through an organized eCommerce site, like scanning the racks of a high-end and exclusive retail shop. A well-organized and clean shop will make customers feel special and associate your brand with a positive image. Web design experts in Utah suggest considering minimal and flat design aesthetics that are of-the-moment and extremely effective. They also recommend focusing on techniques like simple typography, grids, and whitespace to showcase your brand and products more effectively.

Seamless Navigation

All successful eCommerce sites feature easy and cohesive navigation elements. Keep in mind that a potential customer’s way through your site could move in different directions, so your navigation must act as a handy guide to aid customers in finding what they’re looking for easily. Keep navigation options to at least six of your site’s most vital web pages and leverage subpages.

Easy and Breezy Shopping

The most successful eCommerce sites make it extremely simple for visitors to buy products and complete checkout in as little time as possible. You could do this by adding many "Add to Cart" options or buttons for every product, linking the cart in navigation choices from each web page, and featuring clear and easily noticeable call-to-actions for adding items when checking. 

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Make Links More Attractive

Your web design must nurture your site visitors along their path towards a checkout. You could leverage attractive and clear, but subtle linking techniques to motivate their conversion behavior further. Feature clickable and strategically placed buttons, text, and images to your site. Let potential customers navigate product pages or the cart wherever they are on your website.

Essentially, the goal of eCommerce website design is about making a visitor’s journey to your checkout page as easy and fast as possible. Follow these golden rules to make certain that your eCommerce site stays golden.