Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Small Business

Social Media for Your Small BusinessMany small businesses consider time and resources as luxuries; more often, start-ups stretch their staff too thin and owners/managers have to wear multiple hats to keep operations smooth. Marketing is a vital aspect of your organization’s success, one of the ways to maximize your efforts and financing is to use social media.

Here’s how you do this.

Share Only What Connects with Your Audience

According to experts in social media management for small businesses, the web is and will always stay content-driven. To boost engagement of visitors, sharing different types such as videos, photos, sound bites and blog posts will pique their interest and elicit engagement. However, you can’t just publish anything and share it on your accounts; you need to have a thorough understanding of your audience.

Knowing the needs, wants and online behavior of your target market gives you insights as to which type of content works best for them and have the better chance of a response in the form of likes or shares. Some people prefer multimedia, while others like to read even long posts.

Using the Right Tools

It’s difficult to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, especially for growing businesses. In such cases, the use of tools, whether paid or otherwise, allows you to reach your social media goals. What you need is one that crawls the Internet and identifies first-rate, shareable content for your needs.

Run the Numbers

You may have established actionable objectives and defined the parameters of success; however, without any way to measure this, you might be looking at fool’s gold. You need to monitor the numbers of your social media campaign:

  1. Number of page likes
  2. The reach of your posts
  3. Impressions
  4. Visitor engagement such as post likes, shares, comments, re-tweets, mentions and others
  5. Unlikes and unfollows
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These are only some of the best practices that enable you to leverage social media. This platform is one way to maximize your reach and make full use of your resources, no matter how limited it is.