Trade Show Basics: Getting People to Visit Your Booth

Trade ShowsLet’s face it: Not everyone will come interested in your booth. Now, the only workaround here is to make your area interesting. There are definitely many ways to make it so, and here are some of them:

Ditch the Pic

Promotional pictures are so old-fashioned, but you can still use them — as secondary materials. Your hero material should capture the attention of visitors and onlookers instantly. And how can you do that? Through the use of sounds and moving images. You can use either a demonstration of your product or your brand manifesto. Use the former if you are launching a new product and the latter for highlighting your commitment, or you can use both.

Give Away Giveaways

People are easily drawn to giveaways. Knowing this, you might want to attract leads with your freebies. These should come with your business card or brochures. Don’t go for throwaway freebies; make sure that what you're giving away is useful. Speedex Group noted that custom merchandise, such as notebooks, USBs, pens, lanyards, and mugs, would surely be a hit. You may also hold a small contest where you can give away special prizes, such as gift certificates or discount cards.

Tag with Hashtags

A few days before the trade show, you can set up a teaser post on your social media page. It can be an image or a status update that will bear the occasion-specific hashtag. On the day of the event, you can hold a contest or promo that will require the use of the hashtag. You can tag and track potential customers through it.

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Joining a trade show is one thing, and standing out is another. Keep these things in mind for a successful promotion.