The Secret to Mobile Analytics: Increasing App Conversion Rates

Mobile AnalyticsIncreasing conversion rates may seem like a straightforward task: all it takes is a little bit of persuasion to get a customer to follow through to make a purchase, right? While a fine line does exist between users and customers, Singtel Media, a trusted marketing solutions agency, believes that an effective mobile advertising campaign lies in utilising the right means of promotion. What then, are some methods you can employ to ramp up your app conversion rates?

Personalise Your Campaign

Start your campaign by segmenting your users depending on their individual needs. Appboy claims that personalising your campaign can raise conversion rates by 200%, in fact. Once you understand the needs of each group, you can start planning out strategies to convert users. You may want to consider push notifications to engage with your audience, as a majority of users carry their smartphone with them all the time.

Hold Contests and Offer Rewards

Offering your customers an incentive to join or participate adds a personal touch to your marketing campaign. A rewards system can increase customer interest in a brand and entice a user to make a purchase. Just be wary of holding contests, though: prizes aren’t the only element that fosters customer loyalty.

Increase Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

If you want to make your app go viral, use a cost-free marketing strategy to add a friend reference feature to your app. Your loyal customers can have a high lifetime value — in fact, they can serve as app ambassadors by getting the word out about how great your app is. Google says 33% of smartphone users downloaded after getting a recommendation from someone they knew.

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Improve Your Onboarding Flow

Avoid app abandonment by making the onboarding process as easy as possible. As such, refrain from requiring users to share any personal information and try to make the process as interactive as possible. With a great mobile app experience, there’s a high chance you’ll improve your conversion rates as well.

Maintaining customer interest in an app can be tricky business — the trick lies in winning the interest of a user right from the very start. Increasing app rates is, after all, a step-by-step process, so brand owners should carefully plan and execute every step of the marketing campaign.