The Key to Manicured Nails: Take a Peek inside the Anatomy of the Nail Polish

Nail Polish from BrisbaneNail polish is an easy and fun way to enhance your physical appearance, particularly these days where there are many quality brands on the market. You can choose from an array of designs, shades, texture and customisable features like nail art designs, decals and glitter. The best part about this beauty product is that you can develop a new look from the wholesale nail polish you bought with just a swipe of a remover.

A Toxic History

In the past, there have been several complaints about the toxicity of the ingredients of nail polish. However, experts now reveal that the line of nail polish available contains less toxic elements. To ensure that it is safe, look for the 5-free sign on the label indicating that it does not have camphor, dibutyl phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde resins and formaldehyde.

Inside the Beauty Product

Every nail polish contains plasticisers called dibenzoates that provide your polish resilience from cracking or chipping. They also have resins that are either styrene acrylic polymers or nitrocellulose that develops a hard coat on nails once the polish dries. Meanwhile, the solvent ingredient supports everything, evenly distributes them and provides the polish with their liquid consistency.

Besides the above main ingredients, a nail polish that includes ethyl acetate helps it set or dry faster, while iron oxides deliver an opaque texture. On the other hand, polishes containing acrylic polymers and water make it eco-friendly, while mica is the reason some polishes have a frosted, sparkly and shimmery finish. Keep the above ingredients in mind when you are shopping for a new set of nail polish and the quality that you want to achieve.

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All that is left now is to make the nail polish last longer by following these pro solutions. Remembering these will ensure that your nail polish is still intact even a week later.

In the past, nail polishes used formaldehyde additives to avoid the colour from fading as the days pass. Luckily, the ingredients today made it possible to avoid it, but still, address the need through high-grade dyes that last longer.