The Financial Benefits and Advantages of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial LandscapingOnce upon a time, the idea of a modern, industrial and high-tech neighborhood meant an all-concrete, glass and metal cityscape. However, since the revival of the green revolution, people are more aware of the benefits of Mother Nature’s offerings.Here are some sound financial reasons for including commercial landscaping within any business district.

Adds Value

Based on a study by landscape architects in NYC, a building’s resale value can increase by as much as 14% when it includes thoughtful landscaping. It can also gain the attention of more buyers, making the resale period shorter by up to 6 weeks. Another study also shows an added increase of 7% in rental and lease rates for commercial spaces that feature high-quality landscapes. Even adding hedges to a curb can boost the price of a nearby lot by 4.4%.

Higher Yield

Recent research has shown that customers choose to spend 9 to 12 percent more when in central business districts that feature excellent tree canopies. Some even maintain that they are willing to travel to far-off places and stay longer if the area is landscaped with high-end tree canopies and greeneries. As more customers congregate in a commercial area, the bigger the profits the commercial centers will gain.

Reduction of Utility Bills

Properties landscaped around buildings can significantly lower heating bills by acting as a second set of insulation to the walls and floors. This minimizes heat loss while maximizing cold air insulation within the structure. According to the Department of Energy, a properly placed tree that screens an outdoor air conditioning unit from the sun increases its cooling capacity by 10%.   Just by adding greenery, trees, and proper landscaping elements, you not do just add aesthetic value to a commercial area, you also improve the ambiance and the environment. There’s more to save in the long run if you include high-class landscaping to your property; so start research a landscaping firm that specializes in building and commercial landscaping as soon as possible.

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