Social Media Marketing: Less About Engagement, More About Reach

Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing has shown impressive perpetration in the small business sector. A LinkedIn study reveals that 81% of SMBs are on social media, with 92% “strongly agreeing” that it is important for their business.

The popular opinion is that social media is an “engagement” advertising – a venue where brands wade through all the social media speak and communicate with their followers.

This is still true to some extent. But if you want to make a real difference, the focus should be more on reach. And that involves talking to the right customer at the right time.

Why Reach?

Think about it: who would want to engage with a steel supplier on Facebook? Companies focusing too much on getting Likes and shares are not getting into the core of social media marketing services, which is producing real and measurable sales.

The evolution is clear: social media has gone from a simple “engagement” advertising option to a highly targeted strategy for online exposure. You, as a small business, can benefit more by expanding this reach to targeted audience.

Reach Empowered by Enhanced Targeting

Let’s define “reach”. Simply, it refers to the number of users who saw your posts. Thanks to social media marketing, it’s become easier for small businesses to expand and target reach. Facebook, for example, has Local Search ads, which allow local shops to reach people within the vicinity.

Such a targeting capability allows for more relevant reach, alerting prospects who are most likely to walk in your store. Beyond geographical location, ads also take into account factors such as consumer behavior, demographics, interests, and Liked pages.

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In the case of local restaurants, ads will appear on someone’s news feed when they’re somewhere in the neighborhood looking for a place to dine. Think about what it can do for local salons and auto-repair shops.

Engagement is NOT the way to do social media marketing. It may be important for customer retention, but acquisition begins with reach. Focus on reaching the right people, and engagement is bound to follow.