We understand the much-needed value of business intelligence. However, it would be impossible for any online publication to present relevant content all the time given the number of information on the web. That’s why we make use of backend solutions to keep track of our readers’ preference to enhance their experience while browsing through our pieces.


Cookies enable us to gather bit-size information about how our readers navigate and interact with our online publication. This involves tracking the most searched terms on the site, the preferred niche, and the time-on-site.

We gather these cookies via the web browser and through the direct communication with our web servers — we are able to get feedback on everything. Rest assured that no personal information is being recorded and transferred to our channels other than the metrics mentioned above.

If you feel uncomfortable having your online footprints tracked, most browsers offer the options to refuse or accept cookies the moment you open a page. However, we highly discourage this as we won’t be able to provide you the maximum potential of viewing the website.


Should you choose to allow/accept cookies, we would be able to collect data that will boost your experience every time you view our page. The information that will be gathered includes the following:

  • IP address
  • Geo-location
  • Web browser
  • Preferred use of the website
  • Time spent reading an article
  • Goods and services purchase
  • Computer model information

Apart from the cookies option, we may also ask on the site if you want to register with us. By doing so, you’ll be part of our mailing list and you’ll get updates as soon as new posts come out and other premium perks that come along.