Presidential Race Trips the Economy

American EconomyAs the presidential race nears its climax, the American economy is starting to show signs of decline, particularly in areas where the Democrats and Republicans have shown angst and animosity.

Small and even established businesses, such as the gourmet burger chain, Red Robin, and the household favorite, Home Shopping Network, have expressed their concerns.

The high toxicity and racial slurs spread during the presidential campaign have caused an unhealthy message of fear and unrest among the consumers.

The very same negative branding, which is used as a tool to urge people to exclude certain groups are slowly crippling the free world. “We are nervous, I guess is the word, about what we think is going to be a noisy election cycle in North America,” chief executive Scott Thompson told investors recently.

The Divide Weakens the Economy

Despite the much-anticipated revitalization of the U.S. economy following the “Brexit” decision, the key readings of the local markets, exports, and imports have been generally weak.

The Washington Post reports, “Consumer spending was restrained last month when many experts had expected a pickup. Companies have been reluctant to invest, dragging down broader economic growth. Even the strong job market has become suspect: Perhaps businesses would rather hire workers than spend big money on equipment and factories amid a fragile recovery.”

The whole presidential race scene inspires a divide and an unhealthy mindset in the hearts and minds of every citizen. With both candidates having major flaws, the economic health of the country has never been more at risk.

Harmful Business Decisions Caused by the Elections

The National Association for Business Economics created a poll underway the first quarter of the campaign period and found out that 11% of business owners have put off with hiring and investing until November. This is due to the misleading facts constantly evoked by the candidates, which affect the outlook of the people towards the future.

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Based on their tally, more than half of the surveyed members have rated the current elections to be detrimental to the economy. The remaining were neutral or didn’t what to react.

The Call for Unnecessary Change

The platform of each candidate revolves around the idea that the economy is stuck and they’ll fix it given the opportunity. But, the reason behind the almost equal distribution of the mock elections results is the focus of the economic change.

Trump, in particular, has vehemently supported the revitalization of the common people by shifting away from the fundamental economic principles — with his “Make America Great Again” campaign.

While on the other end, Clinton has laid out her plans to support the people by increasing the taxes on the wealthy.