Planning a Group Tour Like a Pro: Three Things You Shouldn’t Ignore

Young adults travelling togetherGoing on a group trip sounds fun on the book. You’ll get to tour the world next to people you know and love. In reality, it could devolve into an all-out brawl with people arguing over hotel rooms, the itinerary and travel options.

The good news is you can avoid all this frustration by properly planning your group holiday. To pull this off, you have to ensure that you plan and make known each aspect of the trip, from the charter bus in Sydney to the hotel rooms you choose for the group.

Let the group know who is in charge

Planning a group trip is all about asserting authority over the group members. Although you should be open to opinions, the group should know that the organiser’s decision is final. Cement your authority by giving backup information to all your decisions. For instance:

Let the group know you chose to charter a bus

Not hiring limos can save you money for a decent hotel. Tell them you had to take economy class tickets so that you can save some money for dinner or spa sessions.

Giving sound reasons to all your decisions not only increases your credibility but also appeals to the group’s compliance since they know you have their best interests at heart.

Don’t mess up the hours

Being late for a bus, a plane or an appointment as an individual isn’t that much inconvenience. The cost of rescheduling is relatively low. Imagine a group of 15 people missing their flight. The cost of such a mishap is more nerve wrecking.

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When planning, take into consideration small, time-consuming logistics such as:

  • The time it will take a group of 25 to take a washroom break (This could be 5 minutes for three people but 25 minutes for a bigger group)
  • Traffic jams and how much time you’ll sit in traffic waiting for traffic signals

Planning a group trip is all about being in control of the small things you’ll otherwise improvise on when travelling light. You will need to be thorough and have explanations to every decision you make to avoid frustration along the way.