Penguin 4.0: What’s the Impact?

Algorithm Update After a period of testing and development, Google has finally rolled out a Penguin update in all languages. And with Penguin going real time, the algorithm will now likely get its objective: to catch spam links profiles as swiftly as possible and get rid of low-quality sites that rank in the SERPs.

What’s different?

Penguin 4.0 is now real time. As a result, changes will be much faster, typically taking effect shortly after you reindex a page. This also results in promotion or demotion of organic rankings for a website due to unnatural linking.

The update is now more granular as it now devaluates spam by adjusting ranking based on the gravity of the spam, rather than affecting the ranking of the whole site. As such, Google will serve penalties to a specific page rather than the whole site, which seems fairer for business owners.

Preparing for the worst

It’s hard to say what’s next on Google’s algorithms. They are consistent in being quiet about their plans and doesn’t always recognise updates after they roll it out. And for business owners, it’s difficult to plan for the unpredictable.

Still, some hints of next Google updates do exist, and here are some steps you can do to prepare from SEO companies in Melbourne like Livelong Digital:

  • Clear and concise content – You should find out what their customers are asking your business, then provide clear answers on their websites. Content that is unique, or not in the public resource, has a higher chance of being safe in the event of a Google algorithm update.
  • Quality links – This not only helps improve rankings, but quality links can also bring quality traffic to a website.
  • Link source diversity – This is also important, as websites different with external sites that link to them have higher chances of improving their rankings.
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As Google evolved, it continues to make the search engine results as appropriate to users as possible by stopping people from cheating and manipulating the rankings through black hat practices. But think about it, you will be rewarded for quality content, immediately. And with Google being more intelligent as time passes by, it will be able to understand links more, thus increasing your chances of ranking in the SERPs by using quality links.