Outlet Sparks: When Should You Be Concerned?

An circuit being repairedSparks from outlets may indicate the number of problems, which can be serious or not. A brief spark is usually normal, especially when suddenly plugging an appliance into the power source. If heat accumulates in an outlet, however, a serious spark may happen and cause a short circuit and an increase in electrical fire risk.

Sparks with Popping Sound

While not all sparks are a serious problem, you should also notice other electrical problems signs like a popping sound. This may mean that you have a loose wire, which can increase the chance that a short circuit may happen. Locating this in the circuit is not usually easy, so you should hire an electrician.

Signs of a More Serious Problem

A burning smell or odor signals a more serious issue. The same is also true for receptacles or connected cords that feel hot to touch. If you notice blackened or burned marks in the outlet, replacement is necessary. Clements Electric and other electricians note that this can mean serious outlet problems.

Occasional vs Frequent Sparks

If your outlet sparks briefly occasionally, there is nothing to worry about. If it, however, sparks every time you plug something, it may have a problem. Replacing an outlet may not be a complicated job, but it still best to hire a licensed electrician to avoid any complicated electrical issue.

The Problem with Old and Outdated Outlets

It is also important to note that old outlets can also cause problems, with the connections becoming loose. Older wiring increases the risk fires and fault, as it cannot handle the power load of modern properties. The same is also true for outdated breaker boxes, which present fire hazards.

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Most types of electrical work are rarely a DIY job. If something goes wrong with your outlet or switches, it is always best to call a licensed technician. You cannot solely rely on online guides in troubleshooting electrical problems, as it can pose safety issues and make a simple problem worse.