Out-of-the-Box: How to Create an Office for the Next Generation

Office DesignThe next generation of workers is Generation Z, people born between 1994 and 2010. Gen Z, or at least 41% prefers working in a corporate environment, with a collaborative space. The next generation of employees is also tech savvy and expects offices to embrace social media, but retain in-person communication.

Why do you need to design an office for the next generation?

With 23 million Americans in Gen Z and skills in short supply, your business needs to make room for hiring new talent. Good office design is crucial in attracting and retaining the new breed of employees. Moreover, bad workplace design costs companies about $330 billion in lost productivity every year. Your office needs to reflect the atmosphere and culture Gen Z-ers and future generations of workers will want to work in.

Start with the following ideas:

Choose adaptable, flexible furniture

Think ergonomics. Gen Z and Millennial workers would rather not sit all day long. Height adjustable desks will help the next generation of employees stay at their workstations — without sitting for hours on end.

Design for low environmental impact

Gen Z and Millennials prefer companies that implement environmental initiatives. New Life Office shares refurbished office furniture can provide luxurious workplaces, allowing the new generation of employees to enjoy work.

Make room for quiet zones and collaborative spaces

The new office trend is moving toward activity-based design. The concept segregates areas ideal for certain tasks. An open area or a social hub becomes a collaborative space for Gen Z to mix with other workers. Quiet zones or pods provide privacy for employees who need focus.

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Consider wearable devices and other tech for data collection

The Humanyze Badge platform is allowing companies to gain insight on which teams work best, what spaces are the most effective, and how to optimize processes. Enlightened sensors, meanwhile, provide information on occupancy and movement within your office. The technology will help you better understand how to use your office space, and maximize results.

Your workforce is the lifeblood of the business. Create the kind of environment that will inspire creativity and productivity, particularly for the next generation of workers. Remember, with happy employees comes better revenue.