Listen Up, Web Designers: Pay Attention to Mobile Users, Too!

Mobile Friendly WebsiteWith the internet firmly embedded in our daily routines, mobile gadgets have become every person’s go-to device when they need to search for something online. The problem is this, however: not all websites accessed via desktop come out in the same way when viewed from a smartphone and this could lower the quality of user experience. According to SEO Werkz, web designers such as yourself should strive to make websites more mobile-friendly for a smoother online experience for users.

Create User-Friendly Navigation and Layouts

The two main factors you’ll need to consider when optimizing performance and customer experience on a mobile site is whether it’s user-friendly and loads quickly. Consider taking out the traditional menu bar on top of the screen and replace it instead with a drop down menu or an icon.

Furthermore, the rule of thumb is for you to place everything right on the landing page. There’s no need for multi-level menu bars or fancy images for better effect. Apply a minimalist approach and keep things simple. Regardless of whether you’re on desktop or mobile, the key message should be on the website right away.

Capitalize on Local Content

Providing customers with a fast and efficient online experience means you’ll need to optimize for local content. “Near me” searches are the best way to filter the closest fire station, hair salon services, and shopping malls near the customer. In fact, Google reported that “near me” searches increased 34-fold since 2011.

To optimize a website for “near me” searches, make sure that every website has its business name, address and phone number displayed on their page. Furthermore, consider embedding a Google Map on a website to influence rankings.

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Focus on Reviews

The whole point of mobile phone browsing is to access reliable information that will immediately tell a user whether they should make a purchase or not. Nothing will provide them with that information better than access to a review rating. So, every website should capitalize on providing a review section to enable viewers to make faster, more informed decisions.

Some websites might come out wonky or be unresponsive when accessed through a mobile device due to negligent web design plans. For a better online experience, web designers such as yourself should create mobile-friendly websites for users.