Keep Up with the Updates, Keep Up with SEO Sanity

A window with google adwordsWith Google, there’s no such thing as permanence.

The search engine giant is infamous for its constant algorithm updates. Google updates its search algorithm up to 600 times annually; in the past two years, it implemented nine major updates. SEO experts and brands alike are no strangers to recent algorithm changes: Penguin 4.0 and Possum.

Algorithm changes stir various reactions from the crowd: curiosity, panic, worry, and more panic. Don’t worry – you are not alone. A number of brands and even the best of California’s digital marketing companies panic too. Others, however, are nonchalant, thinking it’s just an update.

You Should Care

In the SEO world, Google’s updates are EVERYTHING. Paying attention to every little detail isn’t a must, but keeping tabs on important algorithm changes is important. Keeping up with updates paints a bigger picture of your current SEO standing. Also, it helps you address the flaws and discover necessary adjustments for a better digital marketing strategy.

Google’s updates make a difference between a good campaign and a failure. Still, it shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind.

Algorithms Aren’t Everything

These algorithm changes, albeit important, are not the end-of-the-world matters for businesses and SEO experts. When you do see a change in traffic, don’t panic – see the possibilities first.

Assess your site’s analytics through the Google Search Console. Check for any flux and drastic traffic decline. Did you change your current blogging behavior? Does your site experience loading issues? While you consider the update’s impact on your business, don’t use this as an excuse for your strategy’s flaws.

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Keeping up with updates is a crazy affair. Apart from ensuring your business does well offline, you have to mind Google’s behavior so the business also does well online. It’s easy to complain that the search engine giant is “making things hard.”

Fortunately, Google extends a helping hand by providing tools to monitor their updates. Most of them are easy to use and offer a clear picture of your business’ relationship with organic traffic.

You don’t have to monitor Google’s every update. Instead, eye the major ones and pattern your strategy after these.

Practice this religiously and you don’t just keep up with the updates – you also keep your sanity.