How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

a woman typing on a laptopEvery six months or so, new laptop computers go on sale. They have better components than previous models: newer OS, faster processors, more memory, faster or bigger storage, and more support from the manufacturer. Some even have longer warranties and more free cloud storage.

While mobile devices like smartphones have long overtaken laptop and especially desktop PC sales, manufacturers and dealers still know there are some things laptops can do that smaller device can’t, and there are things people would still do on a computer instead of a compact device that fits in their pocket. There is still a market: offices, graphic design studios, video editors, etc.

All that said, not everyone can afford or will choose to buy a new laptop every six months or every year. You don’t want that kind of expense, or even the hassle of breaking in a new one too often, despite how much easier it is now to switch from one device to another.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions on how to make your laptop — particularly its battery — last longer, so you aren’t forced to replace it too soon.

Don’t drain the battery

Some people think it’s wise to drain the battery before plugging in a charger. While this may have been true with older batteries, today’s batteries will last longer if you don’t allow them to be fully drained of power. Plug in your laptop once the battery is at 30%. Overcharging is no longer true for most of the latest models, either. Once the battery reaches 100%, the A/C automatically bypasses the battery. If you’re still concerned about this, however, just unplug it. You may also remove the battery and keep your laptop plugged in.

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Plug into a surge protector

Make sure you plug into a surge protection strip to protect your laptop from fluctuating power or lighting strikes. If you use it without a battery, it’s advisable to connect it to a UPS, so you have time to properly shut it down if A/C power is unstable or if it goes out.

Battery must match the model

Don’t force a battery that doesn’t match your laptop model. If you’re concerned about the price of a new battery, try searching for discount batteries online that are made exactly for your laptop.

Protect your laptop from heat

If there is one thing that is sure to damage your laptop’s battery, and even its other components, such as the motherboard, it’s heat. Make sure the fan isn’t blocked, and you don’t use it where it’s too hot. Never leave your laptop in a car parked outdoors or in a warm space.

Laptops can last a long time, but it’s care that can make them last a lot longer. Follow these simple tips, and you can enjoy your laptop for years to come.