Hate Your Office Design? Here’s How You Can Perk It Up

Office Cubicle in ChristchurchThere is a reason you always feel miserable every time you enter your office. Everything about the place just brings you down and the only positive thing about your day is when you take a break. It does not even help your productivity because the moody feeling the moment you walk in will take its toll the whole day.

If only you could just convince your boss to get those unique furniture from Bishop Interiors to make the atmosphere more lively for everyone. For now, start by making your cubicle less boring.

Mask the Biggest Surfaces

Day in and day out, you are probably stuck doing your dull tasks in boring grey or white modular panels with a carpet that is equally as boring. Since this makes up most of your small space, the best way to revamp your work area is to personalise the floor and panels.

The floor is relatively easy to alter as you just get a rug with patterns and colours that you like. When it comes to walls, you can choose to decorate them or fully cover them up. Most cubicle walls are made from panels like a bulletin board, so you can just pin a glossy cloth over them.

Enhance the Temperature and Lighting

The temperature and lighting of your office will greatly impact your mood and productivity. You really cannot do anything about the fluorescent lighting overhead, but you can add other lighting elements. Consider surrounding yourself with fairy lights, a chic lamp with a bold shade or one with an entire spectrum bulb. Listovative even shared ideas you can draw inspiration from to get you started.

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Revamping your cubicle just requires a little bit of creativity. A little pop of colour here and there will bring life to your dull space that will even improve your productivity.