Guide for Rental Home Owners During Hurricane Season

Hurricane SeasonHaving a rental home is a really nice investment. However, when the hurricane season starts, houses are vulnerable to damages from winds as well as heavy storms, which may cause serious damage to your property and investment. For you and your property’s protection, here are a few tips you should consider using:

1. Get your rental home insured

Purchasing insurance can help you get back on your feet if in case your rental home got damaged by a hurricane. You may also ask renters to get their belongings insured so that the insurance can cover not only the property but the items inside as well.

2. Do necessary precautions for the storm

Your rental home should be able to withstand the hurricane if in case it passes through. You can only do this by taking some precautionary measures that can be taken to protect the property. Some actions you may take include securing the roof with truss bracing, along with hurricane straps. Doors can also be strengthened by reinforcing bolts and horizontal bracing for garage doors.

3. Apply for a low-interest SBA loan to finance repairs 

This can be done when you do not have insurance to your rental property, explains an expert from Real Property Management. This type of loan can be acquired to finance repairs and replacements after a hurricane. The interest rate is low so you do not have to worry about getting adequate financial assistance.

4. Look for a property maintenance service Portland 

If you need help to maintain your property, especially during hurricane season, seeking professional help is the best solution. They can help you not only maintain but also prepare your rental home from any unwanted disasters.

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Follow these tips above to keep your investment always protected. This will definitely bring protection and security to your investment in case of a hurricane.