Google Update: Ads Added by Adwords — The Future of PPC?

PPC Marketers in DenverWith the latest Google update, it looks like Google wants to rewrite your current Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. Called Ads Added by Adwords, the new program automatically allows Google to create variations of your ad and put those new ads live. Though Google appears a bit condescending with this update, many PPC marketers are somewhat impressed with what this program can do to help them.

Improved PPC Performance

Google claims that adding a few more ads to your present ad groups can improve the total performance of your campaign by as much as 15%. It will create new ads based on the information you’ve already provided in your current ads, including descriptions, headlines, landing page details, and ad extension. Google also reminds everyone that new ads will only be added to each ad group once to maximize their full potential.

Many PPC marketers in Denver, for instance, saw the potential in this new Google program. They said it would benefit the smaller advertisers the most, as the update will likely present new advertising opportunities for them. Others even note that these Ads Added by Adwords may define the future of the PPC.

Ad Copy Testing Chaos

On the other hand, several PPC experts note that the ability of this new program to create ad variations can be problematic to ad copy testing. If you are running an ad test for one ad group and you’ve been particular about the timeframe and other variables, a new ad in the mix will complicate the results. However, Google reminded the marketers that this new program could be paused or removed in any campaign. In effect, you have control over how you’re going to utilize this new program to your advantage.

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Some PPC marketers suggest that Google shouldn’t make this program an automatic addition to your account. Instead, make Ads Added by Adwords merely a recommended feature. This way, PPC marketers will have total control whether they will try this Google update or not.