First Impressions Matter: Building an Office Your Clients Will Love

Modern look of an officeYour office is more than just an office. It is not just a workplace, but also a communal area that your employees will treat as a second home. On the other side of the business spectrum, your office is a place that gives your clients the first impression of your business.

With all those considerations in mind, it only makes sense that you build an office that is fully functional and appealing in terms of form. If you are looking to have a new office or make it more aesthetically attractive, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind.

You can also follow the models of corporate and residential projects erected by world-class builders such as Lendlease here in Singapore.

The Theme

The aesthetics of the office should have thematic alignment with the brand elements. If you want to go deeper, it should strongly connect to the brand’s philosophy and morals.

For one, if you are running an IT company, you may want to have your workplace don an industrialist design or one that allows movement, creating more spaces to allow ideas to flow.

The Perks

More than just the design, an impressive office is full of perks. On top of bonuses, you can come up with company-unique perquisites. You can have a Friday night barbecue or a weekly beer pong challenge.

You can have sleeping pods for your graveyard shift workers or have a game room with PlayStation game consoles and a movie theatre.

The People

When clients walk in, they try to notice the behaviour and attitude of the employees. As such, you may want to train your employees about meeting your clients. Train them to be warm. Explain to them the value of being welcoming to guests and potential clients.

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Having a nice office is something that will remind your clients that it is a good decision to work with you. Seek inspiration from interiors design magazines or consult a reliable designer for this effort.