Corporate Themes for Your Company Christmas Party

Best friends have new year party celebrationIt is that time of the year when your company organizes big events for the holiday season. Have you or your manager thought of the theme for your party this year? We all think of an exciting way to celebrate the yuletide season.

Here are some corporate party ideas that you may want to consider for your very own party.

White, Arctic Theme

Dress your tables and chair with pairs of white and turquoise covers. Have a glass chandelier for your centerpiece. This is your way of recreating the magic and color of the Northern Lights. Do not forget to serve some cold drinks for your guests to go with your theme.

Christmas Character Dress Up

Another fun theme is to allow your colleagues to come and dress up as one of the characters you see during the Christmas season. You might be surprised to see Rudolph or too many Santa Clauses in your very own party.

Also, ask the food supplier to dress up their food servers too to be consistent with the theme.

Spooktacular Christmas

You may also go for the oddest theme you could ever think of – Halloween on Christmas! Go for the black and white theme for the set-up. As for the food, you may want your caterer to serve you with odd plating and design for food.

Think of the “Nightmare Before Christmas” animated film as one of your inspiration for the costumes that you and your officemates will be wearing.

Haven’t decided on what to have as your party theme? Carefully plan it with the rest of the team so that you could have more ideas to choose from. There are many corporate event spaces in New York such as the Manhattan Center that you can select from for your venue.

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However, there’s a chance that most venues will be booked earlier so, have them reserved as early as now.

Always put in mind that what matters most in your party is to create a memorable party to celebrate this wonderful time of the year.