Content Noise: This is the Part Where You Break Free

InternetThe internet is now a room full of clutter — and it seems like nothing can stop the growing mess.

2005 saw the average internet user’s exposure to over 3,500 brand messages each day. Today, with the advancement in technology and connections, the figure is one step closer to 10,000 (if not higher).

The non-stop stream of content makes it harder for brands to stand out. With over thousands of brands to compete with (plus the internet’s own stash of clutter), cutting through the noise is a struggle. There’s no secret formula behind good content creation.

But when you understand the science behind quality content, you might just like your chances.

Understanding Content Overload

According to Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting, a digital marketing solutions consultant, there has been an explosion of social platforms entering the market. From Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and Periscope, the internet hosts a number of platforms, which provide businesses with tools to create quality content.

Companies of all trades and sizes use these platforms to connect with customers. Recent studies reveal that 93% of B2Bs, 77% of B2Cs, and 94% of small businesses use content marketing.

It’s a huge amount of content! But due to a reader’s limited attention span, they can only take so much. As a result, good content goes to waste.

Put Customers First

Standing out against the competition doesn’t need expensive tools or fancy strategies. All you have to do is put customers first.

Don’t think numbers; think like the customer.

Content overload results in 99%of unnoticed pieces. Most of these posts stay in the middle of the spectrum because they fail to address needs. If you wish to stand out, focus on content that adds value to your customers’ lives.

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Good content doesn’t just showcase what a brand can do; it offers solutions to problems. It also offers opportunities to build direct connections with the customers.

Breaking through the noise of content clutter requires adjusting easily to the demands of your audiences. Be ready to shift wherever they go. When you do, the amount of clutter will never stop your growing online presence.