My Creative Solutions is a premier magazine resource hub focusing on the design, concept, innovation, leadership, technology, B2B dialogues, economics, and relevant insights for practical business intelligence.

We are based in New Jersey, one of the largest and most high-yielding states. We put a great deal of our talent and expertise in every piece that we publish to ensure that we can affect better understanding in terms of business methodologies, competition, and the interdependencies of market chains.

We cover events, summits, and conventions as they happen because we know that these gatherings are venues for innovation and presentation of breakthroughs — and you always ought to know the latest trends.

Our target audience isn’t limited to startups, SMEs, or large corporations, but also anyone looking to enrich their financial knowledge and potentially, their business acumen, through business intelligence.

Along with the usual business pieces, we also publish educational business discussions, CEO success stories, and tips on running a business in varying perspectives to give light to the principles surrounding each industry.

We’re always happy to connect.

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