Colour Selection Ideas to Apply to Your Food Label Design

Label Design in AvondaleColour psychology has become a phenomenon. We were taught growing up not to judge a book by its cover — in this case, judge food by its label — but as creatures of habit, it’s hard not to rely on the visual.

Unimax, a custom label printer in NZ, says it best: ‘It is not only important that your products taste great — they need to look great, too.’

As a food or beverage manufacturer, recognise the importance of colours in influencing consumers. Colours can send messages by impelling emotions. If applied to your label design correctly, colour psychology gives you an edge in the visual market.

Here are two insights for your next design label:

Positive Colours Mean Positive Association

Choose colours that coincide with the emotion that your brand portrays. Experts say green, white, black, blue and orange are the five most appealing colours for a label, carrying with them different emotions and meanings:

Green – nature and relaxation (may elicit the ‘green effect’, where the product is assumed to be all-natural and healthy)

White – purity and security (may connote fewer calories)

Black – stability, sophistication and wisdom

Blue – happiness, trust and creativity

Orange – Self-confidence, adventure and vitality

Negative Colours Mean Negative Association

While some colours work to your advantage, others can work the opposite way. Colours such as red, brown, pink and bright yellow are said to evoke negative emotions, which can drive your customers away.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use these colours. There are many successful brands that use pink or red on their label. The key is to incorporate them wisely to the brand.

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For example, combining red and pink may be ideal, while Coca-Cola’s red-and-white combo creates more balance.

While label colour seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it can hurt your brand in the same way it can give you a competitive boost. It’s about applying the best ideas and using the right technology to bring them to life.