communication through website

Your Website a Communication Tool

The website does more than just sell your products or services or a place to showcase your company’s design skills; it also makes an impression on your visitors and is a powerful communication tool. An expert from Red Rider Creative, a website design company in Salt Lake City, cites the different ways a site communicates a […]

digital marketing strategy

Boost Your Digital Marketing through Personal Relations

The year 2017 brings along with it a new set of challenges for businesses. The rules of marketing, media and corporate reputation continue to change as the year changes. If you are not ready, you might get left behind. According to a report, you can stay ahead of product disruption if you integrate your company’s marketing […]

Conversion Rates

The Secret to Mobile Analytics: Increasing App Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates may seem like a straightforward task: all it takes is a little bit of persuasion to get a customer to follow through to make a purchase, right? While a fine line does exist between users and customers, Singtel Media, a trusted marketing solutions agency, believes that an effective mobile advertising campaign lies […]

Anatomy of the Nail Polish

The Key to Manicured Nails: Take a Peek inside the Anatomy of the Nail Polish

Nail polish is an easy and fun way to enhance your physical appearance, particularly these days where there are many quality brands on the market. You can choose from an array of designs, shades, texture and customisable features like nail art designs, decals and glitter. The best part about this beauty product is that you […]


Why Student Accommodation Could Be Your Next Big Investment

According to the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), about 436,585 students come to the United Kingdom to study. Among all nationalities, Chinese students outnumber the rest at 89,540 followed by Indian students at 18,320. The bottom line is that more and more students are coming to the UK to study but the same […]

mobile friendly

Listen Up, Web Designers: Pay Attention to Mobile Users, Too!

With the internet firmly embedded in our daily routines, mobile gadgets have become every person’s go-to device when they need to search for something online. The problem is this, however: not all websites accessed via desktop come out in the same way when viewed from a smartphone and this could lower the quality of user […]

Small Business

Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Small Business

Many small businesses consider time and resources as luxuries; more often, start-ups stretch their staff too thin and owners/managers have to wear multiple hats to keep operations smooth. Marketing is a vital aspect of your organization’s success, one of the ways to maximize your efforts and financing is to use social media. Here’s how you […]


Trade Show Basics: Getting People to Visit Your Booth

Let’s face it: Not everyone will come interested in your booth. Now, the only workaround here is to make your area interesting. There are definitely many ways to make it so, and here are some of them: Ditch the Pic Promotional pictures are so old-fashioned, but you can still use them — as secondary materials. […]

Label Design

Colour Selection Ideas to Apply to Your Food Label Design

Colour psychology has become a phenomenon. We were taught growing up not to judge a book by its cover — in this case, judge food by its label — but as creatures of habit, it’s hard not to rely on the visual. Unimax, a custom label printer in NZ, says it best: ‘It is not […]

American Economy

Presidential Race Trips the Economy

As the presidential race nears its climax, the American economy is starting to show signs of decline, particularly in areas where the Democrats and Republicans have shown angst and animosity. Small and even established businesses, such as the gourmet burger chain, Red Robin, and the household favorite, Home Shopping Network, have expressed their concerns. The […]