construction projects Constructing a High-Performance Building in the US

Optimizing Building Performance for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

New construction projects must be compliant with US building codes and be both energy efficient and sustainable. To ensure that your building is up to code, it is important to enlist the help of an American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) certified High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP). An HBDP will assist in […]


Stay Ahead of the Curve in a Competitive Market with 3 Reliable Hacks

Many businesses often fail to keep up with the demands of the market, and it leads to their gradual downfall. In the world of heating up the competition and dynamic customer preferences, you need to dig deeper into your bag of tricks to stay ahead of the competitors. You need to consistently anticipate the needs […]

Commercial Property

Green Design, More Valuable Property

Many cities still adopt the conventional design of concrete and pavement in urban design. A few commercial buildings, however, have taken a greener approach. Landscape architecture has slowly changed gray commercial properties into green spaces. For anyone who owns a commercial property of their own, MPFP says that Landscape architecture may be more beneficial than you may […]

Mortgage Rates

Home Loan Rates Rising: The Right Time for a Mortgage

Last November 28, average mortgage rates continued to rise as the 30-year fixed mortgage closed at a tad higher than 4 percent. The current average starkly contrasts the average a month ago, which was around 3.34 percent. Judging from financial trends, mortgage rates may likely continue to rise. Other Averages Other mortgage averages close in […]


Guide for Rental Home Owners During Hurricane Season

Having a rental home is a really nice investment. However, when the hurricane season starts, houses are vulnerable to damages from winds as well as heavy storms, which may cause serious damage to your property and investment. For you and your property’s protection, here are a few tips you should consider using: 1. Get your […]


Identify the Differences Between Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy

Some companies and individuals have to go through the process of closing shop because of lack of profits, poor sales or just simply no brand recognition or if they suddenly lose their job. If ever that time comes, you might be choosing between filing for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies. Identifying the differences between the […]


What to Check When Building or Setting up a Shed for Your Home

A wood shed in Berkshire, England — dubbed as the West Wing — that’s created from 90% recycled materials was announced last May as the winner of the 2016 Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year. The annual U.K. competition showcases the spectacular sheds of Brits. When you look at the sheds in the competition, you may […]

Marketing Materials

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Colors When Designing Your Marketing Materials

In marketing, colors serve a purpose other than being a simple design element. Whether you are planning to create a website or design a print ad, keep in mind that your choice of colors can have an impact on your target audience. What Colors to Use Colors can help determine or influence a customer’s purchasing […]

birthday gift ideas

3 Gifts Perfect for Your Sister

The bonding of two sisters is fun and filled with so much love. From being kids when you can borrow each other’s clothes and accessories to being young adults when you can talk about life goals and problems, there can definitely be a strong bond between you. If your sister’s birthday is coming up, then […]


Why Executive and Sports Coaching Barely Overlap

No successful enterprise is an environment of quick fixes. Results come with time and effort, even if the concept may have dissipated in a torrent of self-help manuals, online listicles and leadership seminars, which, while sometimes effective, are simply too impersonal to serve as catchall solutions. Then there is coaching — a viable route for struggling […]