Appreciation in the Corporate World: Show Your Employees You Care

Workplace Your employees are a vital part of your business for they serve as the wheels that keep it turning, or operating. Your business would be nothing without their services, so you should at least show them how much you appreciate their work once in a while.

Corporations in Australia and all over the globe celebrate Employee Appreciation Day by providing giving corporate gifts every March. Do you have to wait once a year to tell them you appreciate them? Show them you value their services every day with these simple acts:

Lend an Ear

Incorporate an open door policy wherein the employees can freely air out their suggestions or grievances. You can even start one-on-one coffee meetings where you do not only speak about their performance, but you also talk to them about their dreams, hopes and goals. This can be a way for you to assist them in reaching their deepest desires, such as starting training courses for those who want to reach a higher position.

Spending your time listening to them and helping them will show that you do not simply want them to work for you, but you also want to succeed individually.

Build Trust

The best compliment to give your employees is to show them that you trust them. If you do not worry that they will screw up and feel that they are producing high-quality work, let them know. Provide them extra ownership over a certain project or task, such as a new responsibility or minimal supervisory on your part.

Provide Specific Compliments

Never limit the compliments you give them, especially if they deserve it. Moreover, ensure that the compliments you give are specific since they sound more valuable. Do not give them a general compliment by saying ‘Great work!’ or ‘Thank you!’. Instead, mention their achievement, explain to them why it is so important and tell them who benefited from it.

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Your employees work hard for you just to give you the services you need. Showing and telling them how much you appreciate them will surely enhance their self-worth, as well as, their happiness and productivity.