All Work and No Play? Spicing Up a Boring Workplace

Boring WorkplaceEight to nine hours a day, five days a week – most of the working population spend it in their workplace. It is essential that an office provides a happy and comfortable atmosphere where employees can thrive productively. To avoid a boring and stressful environment at work, organisational psychologists shared the factors that have an influence on the level of satisfaction of each employee.

The Sweet Spot

Ensure that your employees are comfortable by utilising adjustable chairs and desks. Let them stand while working for a minimum of two hours each workday to make them feel more energetic and lively. Speedex Group says you can even spruce it up by adding custom corporate merchandises like mugs, pens and USBs on desks. Studies even suggest that furniture has a bigger effect on the productivity of men compared to women.

The Space Between

Offices setups like open plan bullpen types promote face-to-face communication that enhances employee satisfaction. For offices who have cubicles with high walls, this is probably the best time to revamp it as it increases isolation.

The Right Atmospheric Temperature

Even though cooler environments wake up the mind, an annoyingly chilly office makes it less friendly. Ensure that you find the right balance by maintaining the temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Noise Pollution

Outside disruptions, over chatty co-workers, phones, copy machines and keyboard clatter upset a productive workspace. Those loud noises unconsciously make you sit in rigid positions as it heightens the levels of epinephrine in your body, which is responsible for the fight-or-flight response. To decrease the problematic sounds, incorporate white noise machines, or use carpeting, thick curtains and sound-absorbent materials. For a quick fix, just provide your employees with headphones.

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Your workplace should be a space where you feel valued, cared for, included and competent that it brings out the employees’ best efforts. Celebrate happiness in the workplace to produce employees that are more energetic and enthusiastic with their responsibilities.