A Self-Service Dining Experience: The Different Kinds of Buffets

Self Service DiningBuffet dining originally began in 16th Century France and until today, the majority of diners prefer this type of dining experience. Food Lover’s Companion defines buffet as a meal where customers serve themselves by choosing from an array of dishes displayed on a sideboard or table.

Whether you decide to incorporate a buffet theme once a week for your business or start an all-inclusive buffet restaurant, decide on your preference below. This will help you choose which buffet display equipment from Hostservice you need to begin.

Catered Buffets

If you want your restaurant to do catering services on the side, a buffet would be the ideal type of dining experience to efficiently and quickly feed huge crowds. You can serve holiday parties, business meetings, weddings and other gatherings. You can do this in your own restaurant or provide this special service off-site to further develop your business.

Special Occasion Buffets

If you have a casual dining restaurant, you can offer a buffet as a special kind of promotion on occasions. For instance, you can provide your diners with a special seafood buffet every last Friday of every month. You can also launch a special Valentine’s Day dinner buffet rather than your regular menu.

Cafeteria Style Buffet

Not most restaurants really use the cafeteria style buffet. This is where diners choose from already prepared plates of food while they go through a line. They can take a cup of soup, a plate of dessert or a pre-made sandwich.   

All You Can Eat Buffet

As implied by its name, this kind of buffet provides diners with the dining experience of a lifetime, especially since they can make the most of their payment. The customers usually pay a fixed price and serve meals for themselves without limit. They can choose from a variety of stations including a dessert station, hot items or a salad bar.

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Buffets will always be a classic dining selection known to accommodate special occasions and large gatherings. Meanwhile, choosing it as your restaurant theme can draw diners who are in search for a catering service. You can make the dining experience more presentable by serving elegant meals and beverage pairings, as well as, adding chic arrangements.