A Parent’s Guide to Purchasing Kid-Friendly Home Appliances

Kid-Friendly Home AppliancesThere are many factors when buying everyday home appliances. Parents with small children should prioritize whether the home appliance is kid-friendly or not, according to HAGGLEFREE™. So, when looking for home appliances, take these suggestions into account.

Look for Induction Cooktops

Cooktops work best with curious little kids as they help lessen the chances of burnt fingers. Given how induction cooktops work, you can comfortably turn up the cooktop to the highest heat setting and not worry so much if you accidentally place your hand over the surface.

Keep in mind, though, that the residual heat from hot pots and pans can still heat up the induction cooktop’s ceramic glass surface. Thus, it is vital to keep an eye out on the light-up residual heat indicators. This way, you can enjoy complete peace of mind around curious children.

Look for Appliances with Multi-Layered Doors

Inquisitive youngsters may attempt to ‘get up close and personal’ with dinner if they are somehow able to reach the oven door. Thus, it is important to consider appliances with multi-layered oven doors. This feature will help decrease the heat on the outermost glass of the oven and prevent burn injuries if a toddler or child wanders too close.

Aside from ovens, this advice also goes for laundry appliances, such as washing machines and dryers. As these appliances can reach high temperatures mid-cycle, a high-quality layered door is essential to prevent young children from burning themselves.

Inspect the Layout of Knobs and Buttons

Dials, buttons and knobs look like extremely appealing ‘toys’ for young children. For instance, a child with a healthy imagination may see them as the launch controls for a spaceship. Hence, when choosing appliances, make sure that you consider the layout of their controls. Opt for appliances that keep their controls higher up and out of reach of younger kids.

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Remember to choose appliances that can help prevent harm to children in case they get curious. Furthermore, parents should constantly remind their kids not to touch or go anywhere near these appliances without proper supervision.