5 Must-try authentic Mexican dishes

Open Faced TacosA true-blue foodie would know the difference between authentic Mexican food and Tex-Mex. Taco Bell and Chipotle? Sorry, but those are Americanized Mexican dishes and can hardly be found in Mexico itself. 

But, if you want to try authentic Mexican dishes and be transported to Mexico, a Mexican restaurant in Springfield like El Paso Mexican Restaurant would be able to satisfy your cravings. Now the big question is, what should you eat now that burritos and nachos are not really that Mexican?

Tacos de harina

Burritos in the States had its roots from tacos de harina, or known as wheat flour tacos. Mexican tacos are the opposite of American ones as they are soft shelled. Tacos de harina is one of them. Unlike fattening burrito that is topped with various ingredients, tacos de harina is usually composed of just 3-4 kinds (meat or seafood, rice, beans, white beans, or chiles). And, it is way thinner than the burrito.>


Known as breakfast nachos, chilaquiles is made from quartered corn tortillas. These tortillas are lightly fried topped with salsa, eggs, and chicken on some occasions. It might be a typical Mexican breakfast, but who says you can’t have it for lunch or dinner?

Conchinita pibil

Unlike Tex-Mex, authentic Mexican dishes rarely uses beef. Instead, they mostly use pork and chicken. Conchinita pibil, or slow roasted pork, is a must try Mexican dish that will satisfy your meat cravings. It is like fajitas in a sense that it is eaten with corn tortillas and staple sides of onions beans, and chiles.

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If you’re on the go, tortas are the perfect meal to grab. A Mexican version of the sandwich that has generous meat and vegetable fillings, the thing that makes it stand out is the use of bolillo or telera, two of Mexico’s famous bread.


Although traditionally served for special occasions, pozole is something worth trying at a restaurant. Made from hulled corn kernels and simmered in red chiles, spices, tomato, and pork among others, posole is a hearty soup that Mexicans love to have from time to time.

What are you waiting for? Bring your amigos and try these dishes now.