4 Ways to Select the Right Images for Your Website

Web Design of a Utah Company“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.” This quote from Bill Gates rings true for some entrepreneurs that who the supply chain, technical knowhow and resources of their bigger competitors. Build your reputation and gain resources by first attracting potential customers with your website’s design and photos.

Some people browse or are more eager to explore a website because of the images uploaded. Choosing the ones that allow you to get someone to click.

Always Choose Quality

Low quality and resolution photos send a message that you didn’t put in enough effort to even make it easier for visitors to see them. This conveys negative messages to potential customers, and may turn them off from returning. SEO Werkz and other website design companies in Utah advises to always choose high resolution and quality images for your site. However, the image chosen must also be at the appropriate size and fits with your branding and theme.

Brand Representation

You might send the wrong branding message when you choose photos that have no relevance to your products or services, and company. You might confuse potential customers, and reduce the positive associations with your brand. The images you choose must embody your value proposition and make it a recognizable part of your ad campaigns.

Emotional Hook

Using people in websites is an effective tool, but when they display a certain emotion, it becomes more powerful and influential. Emotions are a potent tool in advertising, uploading photos that show these and associate it with your offerings, may improve your conversion rate.

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If you are in a saturated market, it becomes difficult to stand out. With unique images, you differentiate your brand from everyone else in the field. The photos must show what you offer and elicit a positive response from whoever sees them. They must tell your potential customers what makes you different.

The right mix of photos that are unique, convey an emotion and have brand relevance enable you to reach your target market effectively and boost conversion.