4 Tips For Road Safety and Accident Prevention

Car accidentProfessional car racing might actually be safer than your daily drive. On a racetrack, you can be sure that all the other drivers around you are skilled and their cars well maintained. Not so on public roads where some drivers are not skilled and predisposed to do the right things.

Road accidents can happen anytime, which is why you must be prepared whenever you set out. Anything from skills and knowledge to physical tools, such as an emergency light for vehicles will go a long way in saving lives or preventing accidents in the first place.

Aside from defensive driving skills, you must have the proper skills to deal with accidents when they happen. Some people may deem it more important to send a text message than keep their eyes on the road.

No matter the potential cause, you need to be equipped to avoid an accident – or if it has already happened, deal with it and do your best to keep everyone safe. Here are some tips that can prove to be lifesavers:

1. Don’t get involved

Forget about having the right of way. If your light is green at the intersection but you see a red-light runner crossing your path, give way. Endangering yourself or your companions in the car because you have the right of way is simply not worth it.

2. Pound the brake

If you need to stop your car at once because there’s suddenly a pileup ahead, step hard on that brake as if your life depends on it (actually, it does), and don’t let go until you come to a complete stop. This, of course, depends on your car having an ABS (anti-lock braking system), which has been a requirement for all cars produced since 2012. For older cars, you need to have it installed.

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3. Straighten the steering wheel

It doesn’t matter if it’s the front or the rear tire that blows out while you’re speeding down the highway. Instead of jamming on the brake and immediately turning toward the shoulder, the best reaction is not to do anything but to keep the steering wheel straight. Suddenly braking and turning the steering wheel at a high speed can cause the car to spin out or flip. The mangled tire will do all the braking for you.

4. Put it in neutral

Did you know that sudden unintended acceleration is usually not due to a fault in the vehicle’s system? It’s usually due to something as simple as a misplaced floor mat or the driver stepping on the gas instead of the brake. A faulty cable is a possibility too, but what’s important is how to solve the problem of a stuck throttle. Fortunately, it’s quite simple: put the shift lever into neutral.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind before you get behind the wheel to make sure you are safe on the road. Don’t forget to be careful at all times to reduce or avoid the risks of vehicular accidents.