3 Practical Gifts Choices to Reward Your College Freshmen

College Freshmen in ILIf your child got into the college of their choice, then you might want to congratulate them with a gift. They are already on their way to a better life. If you truly want to give them a chance at rising to the top, do consider giving gift options before they start their schooling.

Gift Checks – When it’s tough to decide what your freshman might want, it’s always a good idea to give them a gift card or gift certificates. They can use it at any time in their favorite stores without fear of using up their funds. It’s great in a pinch and if you choose the right ones, they can be used at most stores for food, supplies, or as a treat for their excellent performance.

A Car – Nothing encourages or cries out independence more than your first car. The average student usually has to either take the bus, hitch a ride, or walk to their university and commuting can be a hassle especially when dealing with extreme weather, traffic, or general safety. If your child doesn't know how to drive, Top Driver noted that you should enroll them in a trustworthy driving school before shopping for a car.

Bank Account – Providing for your child's school fees, supplies, and tuition is already a given. However, they’ll need a "me time" and spend money for their own relief and enjoyment — or else they could risk over fatigue and even emotional breakdowns. You can give them their own credit card or a monthly deposit to their student bank account to spend on themselves. Be personal and send a monthly care package of their favorite food, clothes, and shoes as well.

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Of course, there are the staple teenage gifts such as gadgets, cellular phones, tablets and laptops. However, these are a part of their lives and they most likely have these already. These practical and thoughtful options are remarkable ways of making their lives easier and enjoyable. Go ahead and splurge on your teen. They deserve it for being in college.